Why a Log Home?

A genuine log house is a healthy, happy, energy efficient place to call home.

As a renewable natural resource, logs are the world’s most eco-friendliest building material. In addition, it takes half as much energy to produce logs than cement, and Nordic pine has a natural ability to store carbon dioxide as it grows, which means building with logs leaves a low carbon footprint for future generations.

Wood has a natural ability to absorb moisture and release it back into the air, which means that a massive wood log house will never accumulate potentially hazardous moisture. There are no plastics used in the walls of a log house, only massive wood logs.

Let’s take two pieces of furniture as an example – one made of massive wood and the other of chipboard with film coating. Now compare the look and feel. It’s hard not to agree that genuine massive wood feels warm, has an organic and luxurious look, has been skillfully crafted and will last for years and even generations to come. Log houses provide their inhabitants with all of these benefits and more. Log houses create an acoustically and aesthetically pleasing living environment and have been proven in studies carried out in Norway and Japan to have a positive impact on the health and happiness of human beings. 

And when it comes to durability against moisture, fire and natural catastrophes, a log house will beat out its wood-frame and cement counterparts every time.