The Story of The Honka Home

A warm, cozy, ecological log house is a beautiful home that’s built to stand the test of time.

The story of the Honka home began back in the 1950s. It may sound like a cliché, but the truth is that Honka is a company that has literally been carved out of wood. Everything we do, everything we are, and everything we build is crafted with wood from Finland’s lush forests. Wood gives us both the inspiration and raw materials we need to build log houses that become dream homes.

Homes from the finest Finnish pine

Although over 100 different types of pine grow around the world, only one grows wild in the forests of Finland. But this isn’t just your average Christmas tree. It’s a tough and robust survivor that can thrive almost anywhere.

More than 40% of the trees in Finnish forests are pine. Pine is happiest in dry and fresh heath forests and thick mixed forests – in the same areas where you’d find the best lingonberry patches. Pine is a tree that can weather even the harshest conditions. It’s able to withstand fierce frost, sweltering heat and the scarcity of nutrients, although it does need lots of light. It’s a good thing Finland is the land of the midnight sun.

Because Finnish pine grows slowly, its wood is exceptionally hard, particularly the heartwood. Pine can withstand changes in humidity without cracking, which makes it the best possible building material for log houses.

From trees to homes

Using cutting-edge production technology, Honka processes the wood into the best possible construction material. In the process, an individual pine tree is transformed first into a natural part of a building and ultimately a home. Despite the high degree of processing, the dense and healthy log in the wall of a building is still the same pine tree that once swayed in the breeze alongside a lingonberry patch. Maybe this is why the feeling you get when you walk through the doors of a log house is so unique – warm, cozy natural and welcoming.

Only the best is good enough

All of the wood used in the production of Honka houses has to pass our strict quality control standards. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to quality. Only the very best wood sourced from lush, healthy, well-cared-for forests will do.