Only wood that passes the strictest quality control standards is used to make Honka houses.

The quality of everything Honka does is based on generations of knowhow, ongoing development and independent testing. And the results are indisputable.

All of the wood used in the production of Honka houses has to pass our strict quality control standards. There’s no cutting corners when it comes to quality. Only the very best wood sourced from lush, healthy, well-cared-for forests will do.

Our deep dedication to development, testing and strict quality control allows us to ensure that Honka houses are warm, safe and healthy places to live. For example we’re proud to say that we make some of the most fire and earthquake resistant homes on the market. Our research and development unit works closely with the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), Germany’s Technical Research Organization (TÜV) and a broad network of universities to create new ways to keep our houses and the people who live in them safe.

Honka is the first log house manufacturer in the world to gain the right to use the CE certification mark in accordance with ETA (European Technical Approval). The CE mark indicates that a product meets the requirements of the EU’s building product directive.

Various nation-specific requirements, for example related to strain and heat insulation, are also taken into consideration. The CE mark means Honka house kits can be freely transported in 25 European countries.

Each and every Honka house is fitted with an Original Honka plaque upon completion. This little plaque guarantees the quality and authenticity of your Honka house.