Our Collection of Wooden Houses

Our Collection of Wooden Houses

A warm, inviting, ecological log home that sits beautifully in its environment truly is the key to good living.

Can you see yourself in a safe, ecological and high-quality home, villa or cabin?

There are endless benefits to building a log house or structure, whether it’s a detached house, holiday home, sauna, or even an entire holiday village. In addition to unique, custom-built homes, we offer a diverse range of prefabricated homes that are quick and easy to build. A warm, cozy, ecological house that sits perfectly in its environment is the very essence of good living and a home that will last for generations to come.


A unique, custom-designed Honka detached house is a modern energy efficient home.

Your holiday home is for your most valuable time. That’s why you should build a log house you’ll love to visit time and time again.