A log house is energy efficient

Genuine logs are natural energy conservationists. They absorb and retain heat and release it back into the air when necessary.

When designing the structure of Honka homes, we have drawn on our vast experience with massive log house construction around the world and the most recent research findings available. To guarantee the safety and energy efficiency of your Honka home, we use the world's leading technical solutions to build it. Our patented, design-protected technical innovations and the best windows and doors on the market make sure you’ll live in a well-insulated, energy efficient log house that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Conserve energy - let the sun shine!

Massive wood logs have the unique ability to absorb heat and release it back into the air when it becomes cooler inside. This helps regulate the temperature of your home while keeping energy usage and costs down. One of the benefits of logs compared to lighter woods is its ability to absorb and conserve solar energy in the spring and fall, when the sun is low. The walls slowly release the warmth that accumulated during the day back into the air overnight.

This also works the other way: in summer, when the sun shines from high up, the eaves and porch canopies protect the wall from overheating. The walls of a well-built log house use the cool air of summer nights to keep you cool on even the hottest summer days.

Improved air-tightness

The better the air-tightness of the house is, the more energy efficient it is. Our wedged log profile is used in all Honka logs. This technique presses the wooden wedges of the topper log on the back of the lower log, which makes Honka log homes extremely air tight. In fact, the walls in Honka homes are three times as air tight than homes constructed with traditional methods.

Moisture tightness is also a crucial attribute in any home, keeping the wall structures safe from water damage. All Honka houses are insulated with double sealing tape at the factory. This keeps them well insulated, decreases the possibility of on-site sealing errors, and helps accelerate the construction process.

Honka Fusion™ houses - low-energy and energy efficient homes

When designing the structure of Honka Fusion™ homes, we have drawn on our vast world-wide experience with log house construction as well as the most recent research findings available. We have developed three different solutions: Honka Fusion LogHeart™ and Honka Fusion DecoLog™, which are low-energy houses, and Honka Fusion Massive™, an energy-efficient house.

Honka LowE™ layered walls

Honka LowE™ is the perfect solution when building a cottage that will be in active use throughout the winter. The logs can either be on the interior or exterior of the walls. LowE™ holiday homes with layered walls are rated highest in their class in energy efficiency, which means the cost of heating your home could well be over 30% lower than the average cost of traditional heating methods.