A healthy place to live

A log house is the home of good living – naturally.

A genuine Honka log house is a warm, inviting and healthy place to live. In addition, it’s an ecological home that quite literally takes good care of the people who live within its walls. Owning a Honka log house truly is the key to good living!

Optimal indoor air humidity

Massive wood has the unique ability to absorb moisture and release it back to the room air when it has dried. The optimal indoor air humidity for health is between 30 – 55%. According to the study, the more massive wood there is within the inside walls of a house, the more balanced and optimised the inside air will remain for good health.

The results of an extensive European scientific study show that logs have an exceptional ability to balance the moisture changes in the inside air. In this respect, logs can even be 60 to 75% better than stonewalls. Indoor air humidity of 30-55% minimizes the growth of detrimental elements such as mould and bacteria. This is why a massive wood home is easy to breathe in and makes an ideal choice for anyone suffering from breathing problems, allergies or asthma.

A naturally safe home with plastic-free walls

Honka's Smart Ventilation System™ solution allows us to build wood-fiber insulated massive wood walls that breathe, without using a plastic damp-proof membrane. Naturally breathable walls allow water vapor to move freely between the wall and the air. In addition to massive wood, we use wood fiber insulation in the walls to enhance the natural qualities of the wood. All structural solutions used in Honka homes are structurally safe. This ensures that your family will have a long-lasting, safe home.

Harmonic living

A Honka home is a healthy home, where the natural characteristics of massive wood play an essential role. Log promotes wellness of living by creating a healthy living environment where the good quality of inside air, acoustically and aesthetically pleasant setting combines with modern architecture and ecological building. It has been proven by studies in Japan and Norway that harmonic architectural solutions, peaceful color palette in interiors, cozy living area and wood as a building material have a positive impact on human beings by arousing pleasure, increasing tranquility, and thus rising ones spirit and feeling.