An Ecological Home

Logs are environmentally friendly by nature.

Trees are self-regenerating and absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, making wood an invaluable resource for people and planet. All the wood we use to build Honka houses is sourced from certified Finnish forests, where more wood grows than there’s time to harvest.

Natural, renewable materials

Our company roots are deep in the Finnish forests and our long experience guarantees your family an ecological home built with pure, renewable and high quality wood. The raw wood materials that make up your Honka home come from areas that support sustainable development. We never purchase wood from protected areas. At the moment more wood grows in Finland that it is cut down, so wood is renewable resource of over 100%. If all of the wood that grows over this 100%, were to be used for massive wood houses, we could make 70 000 middle size houses and the forests would not decrease. Our acquisition area and our factories are located in the optimum growth zone of high-quality pine. This reduces the need for transportation and reduces environmental impact.

Ecological production methods

The industrial production of massive wood logs uses 50% less energy than the production of cement and 80% less than the production of bricks. Honka uses every last bit of the wood it sources as part of the production process. What little wood is leftover after building is used as energy in our production plants. That means each and every Honka house is eco-friendly from root to roof.

A naturally safe home with plastic-free walls

Honka's Smart Ventilation System™ solution allows us to build wood-fiber insulated massive wood walls that breathe, without using a plastic damp-proof membrane. Naturally breathable walls allow water vapor to move freely between the wall and the air. In addition to massive wood, we use wood fiber insulation in the walls to enhance the natural qualities of the wood. All structural solutions used in Honka homes are structurally safe. This ensures that your family will have a long-lasting, safe home.

Log houses that stand the test of time

There are many log buildings that are up to 300 years old and still in active use. Because the walls and foundation of our log houses are made entirely of wood, there are no cold bridges or surfaces where moisture can collect. Over time, the foundation settles and the walls become even more tightly insulated. So your Honka house will be there to comfort and care for you for years and even generations to come.