Architecture and Design

Designing a log house allows you to play with details and the combination of different materials. At its best, the end result is like a work of art: expressive, vivid and completely unique.

Exquisite architecture and uncompromising modern design are part of everything Honka does – from the drawing of the blueprints right through to the finishing touches. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional and usable designs that will be used and admired for decades to come.

Honka Fusion™ - a new freedom of design

Logs are a versatile and pliable building material. They bend to the wishes of designers and architects just as they do to the wind in nature. A well-designed log house truly is like a work of art.

Honka Fusion™ is our very own state-of-the-art concept that allows genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials. Wood can now be easily combined with stone, steel and glass and the materials can be joined using light structures, free of the wide architraves and settle spaces of traditional log construction.
The Honka Fusion™ non-settling structures are especially well-suited for modern architecture. For example, the heart of a house may be massive wood while the façade is stone.

Modern round log

For many dreaming of a log home or vacation home, round logs are the only building material they would even think using. Others might see the round log as a bit old-fashioned. Either way, Honka has eliminated the problem altogether by developing the HonkaDuo™ eco round log, with a more delicate shape and higher height than traditional round logs.

Unique, or totally unique?

Each and every house in the Honka range has been designed to be a home of good living. Indeed, many people find the home of their dreams in our range of prefabricated houses. However, all of the houses in our collection can also be used as the starting point for a unique design. You can put your own personal touch on one of our existing house models or start from scratch and design your dream house from the ground up. There’s also plenty of room for play, and even wild ideas like tall romantic towers or diverse wood carvings are easy to implement.

Consistency is beautiful

We’re also actively involved in the construction of large urban and suburban residential subdivisions. The uniform design of these comfortable communities creates a balanced and harmonious living environment.